Safari Ruaha


Ruahas` most famous residents, thanks to the recent National Geographic documentary: ”Lion Kingdom” are the prides of Lions that roam near the Mwagusi and Ruaha rivers.

As with all wild animals we can not guarantee that you will see them but if staying in the Park for 3 or more nights it is highly unlikely that you wont see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

No matter how many times I have watched Elephant families they are always fascinating. You will see many elephants.

So long as you stay in your vehicle you will be safe.

The elephant of Ruaha have become accustomed to vehicles over the years and it is perfectly normal to switch off the engine in close proximity to an elephant family and just quietly watch and listen.

The Park is also home to many Giraffe and the rarer Kudu.

On each game drive you are likely to see them but photographing the male Kudu with his impressive horns while looking at the camera can prove to be difficult.

The chance of seeing leopard is always there, especially at dawn and dusk and is always a highlight of any visit to Ruaha.

But sadly the large Lion population has threatened the cheetah in the Park. Sightings are becoming rarer.

As you will be staying close to the Ruaha river you will see and hear Hippo daily. The river is also home to the Nile crocodiles so when walking within the Lodge be aware that this is their home! And preferably walk with a Masai guide.

Jasons Guide

What you will definitely see:

Elephant, Giraffe, Kudu, Impala, Hippo, Zebra, Hyrax, Waterbuck, Baboon, Grivet monkey,

What you will most likely see:

Lion, Jackal, Buffalo, Grants Gazelle, Thompsons gazelle, Mongoose, Crocodile, Warthog, Dik-dik, Ostrich,

What you might see:

Leopard, Hyena, Eland, Honey badger, Klipspringer, Bushbuck, Rock python, Topi, Bat eared fox.

What you will be very lucky to see:

Cheetah, Pangolin, Aardvark, Sable antelope, Roan antelope, Serval cat, Caracal cat, Genet cat, Bush baby, Hunting dog (African wild dog), Gerenuk, Hartebeest.

What you will NOT see:

There are sadly no more Rhino in Ruaha, the last was seen in the 80’s. No Gorilla or Chimpanzee as there is no tropical rain forest in Ruaha. No Wildebeest. 

As Ruaha is home to half the bird species in Tanzania it is an ornithologists` dream destination. Amongst the highlights you are likely to see are:

Guinea Fowl, Francolin, Namaqua dove, Goliath Heron, Bustard, Starlings, Sparrow hawk, Buffalo weaver, Goshawk, Go away bird, Plover, African Hoopoe, Saddlebilled Stork, Honeyguides, Sunbirds, Owls, Swifts, African Fish Eagle, African hawk Eagle, Tawny Eagle, Bateleur Eagle, Martial Eagle, Kestrel, Vultures, Buzzards, Marabou Stork, Golden Crested crane, Hadada Ibis, Hamerkop, Lilac breasted Roller, Bee eater, Kingfishers, hornbills, Barbets, Woodpeckers, Turaco, White Pelican.