Safari Ruaha


Safari is a Swahili word meaning to go on a journey that has evolved to mean an overland journey through the African wilderness to hunt or observe wildlife.

Fortunately for our visitors it means only to watch and photograph the wildlife.

At Baobab Reisen & Safari Ruaha our emphasis is on wildlife conservation and we have nothing to do with any hunters or hunting companies.

The practice of trophy hunting is sick and should be banned!!

Back in the 60s and 70s Safari lodgings were in tented camps, requiring a small army of staff, fresh water, food and camping gear.

Now the tented camps are permanent fixtures and are more luxurious and the Lodges are as good as most European 4* Hotels.

Guests staying in Ruaha may choose to either go out with their driver and guide in their specially converted 4WD jeep or landrover for a full day Safari or two half days and returning for lunch to your Lodge.

The vehicles have no doors or windows providing great ventilation and the passenger seats are elevated to allow for better wildlife viewing. A sun-shade over the whole vehicle protects from the hot African sun but it is wise to bring some warm clothing especially on a dawn game drive and to bring sun block, a hat and or clothing to cover sensitive skin during the heat of the day.

Water and soft drinks are in the cool box so just ask your driver/guide for one whenever you are thirsty.

So long as you remain in your vehicle on safari and follow your guides advice you will be safe.  The animals have become used to vehicles over the years and with the open vehicles the opportunity to hear and smell the wildlife adds a whole new dimension for our guests.

However: Do ask your guide where and when it is safe to go to the toilet!

The full day safari allows more distance to be driven from your Lodge and the chance to visit different areas of the park such as the Mwagusi or  Mdonya sand rivers.  The two half day Safaris allow for a siesta after lunch or the chance to watch the wildlife from your banda before heading out for the evening drive.

It is a Park requirement that all game drives must return before nightfall at appx 1830hrs but as the day cools after 16hrs there is more chance to see wildlife that has been lying up in the shade during the heat of the day, especially lion and leopards. Similarly an even better time to see the carnivores is soon after dawn as they return from their nights hunting.

No two game drives are the same, even if the same route is driven more than once. The wildlife is constantly moving to and from their source of water and food. And when not watching the wildlife look in the trees and in the sky. Eagles and vultures floating on thermals and vividly coloured lilac breasted rollers and bee eaters may be perched on a branch next to your vehicle.

And even if nothing is moving during the heat of the day the park has a great variety of landscapes from the granite kopjes and hills of Kamilamatonge to the palm fringed sand rivers of the Mwagusi and Mdonya. The giant Baobab forests and the savanna near the Ruaha river are all a photographers` dream in the ever changing light.

Your guide and driver will have years of experience in spotting wildlife and ensuring your safety. And he will be a wealth of knowledge, don’t be shy to ask any questions about the park and its wildlife.